Beer Up


When: August 3rd, 2019

Where: TRADE

Beer Up -This event is a chugging and stack event. Each group will be given a dedicated space and one hour to build the best structure. Scores will be given based on height and width. The tallest, skinniest structure will win. To start a team member will open a can of beer and chug it fulling in the chugging section. Once approved that it is empty, they may take it to their teams designated section. Once the can is in the designated section, they may go back to the bar and start on their second can, and so on and so on. Each time a person must chug their beer completely and take it to their space, before getting another can. Teams may move their cans at any time while in their designated space, unless noted. Teams will be given a maximum of 15 free beers for this event. Beers of the same size can may be purchased from the bar after all 15 cans are finished. However, to be eligible to buy beer, your tower must be set, and you may not move the original 15 cans again. If your tower falls during construction, you will have a five minute penalty where you may not touch your cans or head to the bar for more beer. Use your time and strategy wisely. If there is a tie, the total time it took to consume the beer will be declared the winner.