Beer Kart


When: August 10, 2019

Where: Pitchers

Beer Kart -This event is a Mario Kart drinking game. Five members from your team will compete on five different gaming systems playing Mario Kart on each respective system. On each system you will play against other teams, but your times will be scored competing against all teams on the same system. You will play a Cup in Mario Kart, that will be randomized day of. All teams will play the same cup on the same system. Cups may vary depending on the system. During the race, each driver will be given 3 beers. You may only drink one beer per round, but the beers must be drank and finished before the game has ended for you. A driver may only drink the beer during while the game is in play, not between rounds. A driver may not drink and drive at the same time. Thus, a driver must put down their controller to drink. How and when you drink your beer within the above mentioned limits is up to you, as long as you finish all three beers (one per whichever round). The times from all five gaming systems will be added up for the final standings and the winner will be the team with the fastest time.