Bar Nights


When and Where:

  1. Thursday July 18th at PITCHERS from 6pm-9pm

  2. Friday July 19th at The DC EAGLE from 6pm-9pm

  3. Wednesday July 24th at The DC EAGLE from 6pm-9pm

  4. Thursday July 25th at TRADE from 6pm-9pm

  5. Wednesday July 31st at DC9 from 6pm-9pm

  6. Thursday August 1st at TRADE from 6pm-9pm

  7. Monday August 5th at DC9 from 6pm-9pm

  8. Thursday August 8th at PITCHERS from 6pm-9pm

Bar Night – Each bar will be hosting two bar nights during the span of the events. A total of eight different nights will be scored. Scores will be calculated as follows. The percentage of teammates who show up and check in throughout the night, added to the percentage of teammates who wear their shirt during the event, added to the percentage of teammates who buy one item of choice at the bar. Each night will have a total of 300% point possible. The points will be added up over the eight nights for a winner. Only people who have picked up their shirts will be counted inthe Percentage. In the event of a tie, the deciding winner will be the percentage of teammates who wore their shirts, followed by the percentage of attendance.